Project Hydra – Value-added Services from Smart Meters

Project Hydra is developing technologies to allow the communications infrastructure of a smart meter system to support additional value-added services.

Multiple secure applications deployed onto a smart meter could enhance the lives of consumers by delivering services directly into their homes. Hydra’s exemplar application is telehealth, with the delivery of weight and blood pressure results taken in the home delivered directly to a patient’s personal health portal or clinician. Increasing the frequency of measurements and decreasing the need for home or hospital visits has numerous benefits for both the patient and the clinician - not least of which is a better provision of care.

Delivering the benefits of non-core services over the smart meter infrastructure adds little marginal cost whilst these extra revenue streams for stakeholders improve the economics of a smart meter roll out.

By addressing the technical problems for telehealth Hydra will help solve them for other value-added services, including home energy management, water, home security, home automation and others. Hydra is an example of a future application and service for the smart grid.